Russian language
for communication.
Spoken Russian language

The development of spoken language in various communication situations. Vocabulary enrichment. Focus on unmistakable pronunciation and correct use of figures of speech. Overcoming the language barrier.

  • Teacher

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      1500 ₽

    • 8 lessons

      11000 ₽

  • Group

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      1000 ₽

  • Professor

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      2000 ₽

    • 8 lessons

      15000 ₽

  • Subscription

    • 8 lessons

      7000 ₽

    • 12 lessons

      10000 ₽

  • Academic

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      3000 ₽

    • 8 lessons

      21000 ₽

What you get from this course

  • Learning the basis of Russian language pronunciation
  • Knowledge of Russian domestic culture specifies
  • Fluent and correct communication skills in daily and socio-cultural interaction spheres
  • A lot of language practice that will allow you easily adapt ro Russian-speaking society

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For whom is intended the course?

For those who:

  • Want to get free speech skills in Russian
  • Admire travelling across Russia and explore its culture and history
  • Feel the lack of confidence in their speaking accuracy
  • Look forward to getting personal or professional contacts
Russian language for communication. 
Spoken Russian language

Program content

Russian language for communication.
Spoken Russian language

  • Academic load

    4-10 academic hours per week (1 hour = 60 min)

  • Learning format

    Individual/ group(4-6, 8 students maximum)

  • Programme content

    The course includes 10-15 themes reflecting different spheres of domestic, business, professional and socio-cultural communication.

    1. Development of phonetic and orthoepic skills.
    2. Enrichment of vocabulary required for easy interaction on various topics.
    3. Speaking etiquette in diverse communication situations.

  • The results

    - Your spoken language will become grammatically correct and free.
    - You will be able to continue education process with following courses:

    «Russian from scratch»

    Russian language «Basic»

    Russian folklore

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