On-line school of Russian language

We are a unique on-line school of Russian language and literature for those who live in Russia and abroad, as well as an entertainment and educational club for communication and language practice for children and adults


We have combined the classic approach with modern technologies and educational innovations

Our mission:

  • Teaching Russian language and literature
  • Worldwide popularization of the Russian language, literature and culture
  • Creating of a Russian-speaking community with the aim of uniting people living abroad and in Russia
Наши цели

What we value:

We live and breathe our five values, so we can achieve maximal productivity together

  • Confidence
  • Acceptance
  • Competence
  • Academic rigor
  • High level of professonalism

Our students are:

  • Everyone who wants to learn Russian language
  • Compatriots living abroad and wishing to communicate and preserve their mother tongue, Russian traditions and culture
  • Foreigners studying Russian
  • Those who look forward to passing state examination (USE, SFE)
  • People willing to take international Russian language axam
  • Those who are preparing for examination in order to acquire citizenship and obtain a patent in russian federation