Modern Russian
literary language

Improving literacy and expressiveness of oral and written speech for the successful implementation of professional and personal tasks.

  • Teacher

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      1500 ₽

    • 8 lessons

      11000 ₽

  • Group

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      1000 ₽

  • Professor

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      2000 ₽

    • 8 lessons

      15000 ₽

  • Subscription

    • 8 lessons

      7000 ₽

    • 12 lessons

      10000 ₽

  • Academic

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      3000 ₽

    • 8 lessons

      21000 ₽

What you get from this course

  • Spelling. Spelling of unstressed vowels at the root of a word.
  • Phonetics. Alphabet. Sounds of the Russian language.
  • Lexicology. The word and its lexical meaning.
  • Morphology. Gender and number. The noun name.
  • Syntax. Members of the proposal.
  • Culture and style. Language styles.

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For whom is intended the course?

For those who are going to:

  • Improve the literacy and expressiveness of your oral and written speech.
  • To deepen knowledge in all sections of the Russian language.
  • To increase general erudition and broaden horizons.
Modern Russian literary language

Program content

Modern Russian literary language

  • Academic load

    4-10 academic hours per week (1 hour = 60 min)

  • Learning format

    Individual/ group(4-6, 8 students maximum)

  • The programme content

    1. The norms of the modern Russian literary language and their use in oral and written speech.

    2. Mastering the system knowledge of the sections of the Russian language (phonetics, morphology, syntax) and applying them in practice.

    3. Formulation and presentation of thoughts in oral and written form in accordance with the rules of the modern Russian literary language.

    4. Development of practical skills of punctuation marks in a sentence.

  • The results

    Increase your competitiveness in the professional environment as a competent specialist.

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