Russian language
for teachers and

Methodological assistance for teachers and educators. Novelties and author's developments for productive teaching and professional skills development.

  • Teacher

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      1500 ₽

    • 8 lessons

      11000 ₽

  • Group

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      1000 ₽

  • Professor

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      2000 ₽

    • 8 lessons

      15000 ₽

  • Subscription

    • 8 lessons

      7000 ₽

    • 12 lessons

      10000 ₽

  • Academic

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      3000 ₽

    • 8 lessons

      21000 ₽

What you get from this course

  • Summarize and systematize the language material for using it in educational, pedagogical and educational activities.
  • Learn how to effectively use language tools in different situations of communication with students and parents.
  • You will form/improve the skills of using various speech strategies and tactics.

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For whom is intended the course?

  • For teachers of Russian language and literature.
  • For Russian language teachers working with foreigners.
  • For teachers of other disciplines who want to improve their language skills.
  • For teachers working with children of different ages and adults.
Russian language 
for teachers and educators

Program content

Russian language for teachers and educators

  • Academic load

    4-10 academic hours per week (1 hour = 60 min)

  • Learning format

    Individual/ group(4-6, 8 students maximum)

  • The programme content

    The program is modified to meet the goals and needs of each of the target groups of the course, based on the specifics of their professional activities.

    1. Difficult and controversial issues of the culture of Russian speech.
    2. The qualities of speech culture.
    3. Language norm, its types and variants.
    4. Speech styles, their features and use in teaching.
    5. Means of artistic expression of language and their implementation in speech.
    6. Speech strategies in professional communication.
    7. Modern e-learning system in teaching.
    8. Planning and solving professional and personal development tasks.
    9. Modern ways of evaluating students.
    10. Innovations in teaching, development and education of students.

  • The results

    Increase your competitiveness in the professional environment as a highly qualified specialist and a successful communicator.

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