State exams preparations

Preparation for the state final certification in the Russian language and literature in accordance with the educational programs of secondary general education (GIA).

  • Teacher

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      1500 ₽

    • 8 lessons

      11000 ₽

  • Group

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      1000 ₽

  • Professor

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      2000 ₽

    • 8 lessons

      15000 ₽

  • Subscription

    • 8 lessons

      7000 ₽

    • 12 lessons

      10000 ₽

  • Academic

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      3000 ₽

    • 8 lessons

      21000 ₽

What you will get from this course

  • Under the guidance of experienced teachers in accordance with Federal State educational Standards, you will successfully prepare for the examination test.
  • Learn to concentrate, manage your time effectively, and cope with the excitement before and during the exam.

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For whom is intended the course?

  • For high school students and graduates of secondary schools taking the OGE /USE
  • For those who want to get the desired result on the exam
  • For those who want to learn how to work effectively and prepare for the exam without overworking
  • For teachers
State exams preparations 

Program content

State exams preparations (GIA, EGE)

  • Academic load

    4-10 academic hours per week (1 hour = 60 min)

  • Learning format

    Individual/ group(4-6, 8 students maximum)

  • Program content

    The educational program is compiled in accordance with the level of knowledge, goals and characteristics of the student / participants of group classes.

    A variety of textbooks, author's methods, interactive methods of mastering the program are used during preparation.

    Introduction to the basics of time management, concentration techniques and management of your emotional state before and during the exam.

  • The results

    You will be in resource intellectual and psychological form on the eve of the exam. Success is yours!

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