Russian language

Expanding and deepening the knowledge of the Russian language in the field of professional communication

  • Teacher

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      1500 ₽

    • 8 lessons

      11000 ₽

  • Group

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      1000 ₽

  • Professor

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      2000 ₽

    • 8 lessons

      15000 ₽

  • Subscription

    • 8 lessons

      7000 ₽

    • 12 lessons

      10000 ₽

  • Academic

    • 1 hour (60 m)

      3000 ₽

    • 8 lessons

      21000 ₽

What you get from this course

  • In two modules of the program, you will expand and deepen your knowledge of the Russian literary language in the professional sphere.
  • Expand your vocabulary and learn how to adequately use language tools in your written and oral speech.
  • Learn how to create and correctly use sentences of different types in the text.
  • Learn to read texts of different genres (journalistic, artistic, scientific, etc.) fluently and expressively and understand their content.

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For whom is intended the course?

For those who:

  • Speaks coherent oral and written Russian.
  • wants to improve the language competencies necessary in his professional field.
  • Seeks to replenish the vocabulary for public speaking on scientific, social and cultural-historical topics.
  • wants to expand his knowledge of the history and culture of the Russian people.
Russian language 

Program content

Russian language “Advanced”

  • Academic load

    4-10 academic hours per week (1 hour = 60 min)

  • Learning format

    Individual/ group(4-6, 8 students maximum)

  • Program content

    1. Vocabulary. Grammar.
    - Expansion of the vocabulary. Correct use of the meaning of the word in the text.
    - The use of prepositional and case forms of nominal parts of speech in the context.
    - The main grammatical categories of the verb. Verb forms (participle, gerund).
    - Comparative degrees of adjectives and adverbs. Features of their use in speech.
    - The use of functional parts of speech - Simple and complex sentence. Construction of complex sentences in the text.

    2. Reading.
    - Reading texts of different genres and understanding their content.

    3. Listening.
    - Correct understanding of information (topic, meaning, basic and additional information of each semantic part).

    4. Written speech.
    - A short and complete retelling of the text.
    - Composing your own message based on the text.
    - Creation of a text on a given topic.
    5. Oral speech.
    - Dialogue on the topic of a communicative situation.
    - Retelling of the text and its discussion.
    - Preparation of a message based on the information received and the expression of personal opinion.

  • The results

    After successfully completing this course, you will be ready to take the test in Russian as a foreign language (TRKI-I, TRKI-II). The first certification level (B1). The second certification level (B2).

    You can also be upgraded to the highest level of learning Russian as a foreign language by the "Pro".

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